First Visit

Welcome! Before you arrive at the clinic for the first time, we will send you an online questionnaire so that you can fill it out easily from home, with your computer or mobile. These are some questions about your health and lifestyle, and they will help us understand your health concerns and goals.

When you come to the clinic, we will discuss all of this further and proceed with the chiropractic evaluation.

During the visit, we will evaluate:

  • Health history and stress
  • Posture PRO (digitalized postural assessment) and body weight distribution
  • Chiropractic assessment of the spine
  • Neurological and functional tests
  • Computerized tests (thermography, sEMG): they will help us to identify possible interferences and imbalances in your nervous system (it is not invasive and it can be carried out with complete safety for people of all ages)

If necessary, the chiropractor will request additional tests to obtain more information about your case.

Then we will need 24-48h to do a complete analysis of all the tests done and combine these concepts together with the results of your evaluation.

We like to have a complete picture so you can have the best possible care.

Report of Findings

After your initial consultation, we will schedule you for your report, where the chiropractor will give you his best recommendations based on your needs, desires, and health goals.

The report includes:

  • Explanation of the results of the initial assessment and its subsequent study
  • How Chiropractic can help you
  • Personalized care plan

Then yes… we are ready for your first chiropractic adjustment!

Care plan

Here we will explain the different phases of YOUR plan of care, which correspond to the different improvements that you can obtain with chiropractic.


Intensive phase

Most of the people who seek our help are people who have had health problems for a long time and have not yet found a way to heal properly.

Our first goal is to identify and correct the causes that created the problem and help the person heal as quickly as possible. In this phase we begin to correct subluxations in the spine to allow the Nervous System to function better. The spine is usually quite unstable in this phase, so more frequent visits are required.

The most typical thing that our patients report in the first weeks of adjustments is a feeling of relaxation, less tension, less stress, etc. In this part of the care, the frequency of the care is essential in order to obtain the balance and spinal stability necessary for adequate healing to begin.


Corrective phase

The objective of the second phase of care is the complete recovery of function. In this phase of adjustments, work is done to stabilize the changes obtained so far and, above all, to avoid relapses. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, in this phase all the body systems begin to function better, as a result of a more balanced Nervous System. Joint mobility increases, muscles are less tense, balance, energy and posture improve significantly, sleep is usually deeper, and you wake up much more rested.


Maintenance / Wellness Phase

The third phase is used to maintain achieved wellness. Most of the people here note that regular adjustments means feeling great and performing better in the things they have to do (work, sport, etc.), or love to do (hobbies, etc.) and that is why we recommend a regular maintenance care as part of your lifestyle, to be as healthy as you can possibly be. Scientific research claims that people who visit a chiropractor regularly are healthier, have more energy, and feel calmer and happier. Chiropractic allows you not only to slow down the natural aging process, but also to better resist the effects of daily stress.
In short … more years to your life, and more life to your years!

Standard visits (chiropractic adjustments)

At this point in your care, we will arrange your visits in advance for your convenience and according to your care plan.

The adjustment is the most important thing that what we do in our office, since it allows to correct the subluxations in your spine so your body can work, heal and adapt better.


Your health goals are our priority, and when it comes to reaching them, it’s important to regularly review your progress.

During these appointments, which usually take about 10-15 minutes longer than a regular visit, you will fill out a short form, and then we will repeat the initial tests and functional scans to assess the improvements and changes in your body.

Are you convinced yet?

You may also contact us if you have any questions.